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Struggling to get enough salt in your diet?
Optimize your keto lifestyle with Keto Salt!


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Keto Salt

Optimize Your Keto Lifestyle!

We took the world’s best salt and added over 70 North Atlantic trace minerals, creating the world’s first Keto Salt!

You’ve probably heard that salt is bad for you and will lead to high blood pressure. That can be true depending on the source of the salt. Canned and processed foods often have a high sodium content, and in those foods, it is a bad thing and should be avoided.

Salt, however, is essential for your body to function and for you to live, your body is, after all, made up of 72% salt water.

When you’re on a keto diet, your body requires lots and lots of salt for your liver to be able to convert fat into ketones for energy. Most keto experts recommend 4-5 grams of salt per day.

As a keto diet typically involves intermittent fasting it can be difficult to consume the appropriate amount of salt just by adding it to your foods or drinking bone broth, which is why we made Keto Salt.

Keto Salt combined with trace minerals helps keep your body fully nourished to optimize your keto lifestyle!

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